Our company.

Kellify is the science-centric masters of human/image interaction, making what’s captivating stand out. With Kellify it’s easy to tune the human eye into the right image for e-commerce, dating apps, museums, and much more. Lifeblood for those who want to be the first to reach the brain and the heart of the Instagram generation: lifestylers, brand supporters, art enthusiasts, ...people. Headquartered in Genoa – Italy – our global mindset focus drives us to seamlessly grow, with offices in Seoul, Korea.

Our core values.

Integrity. Gaining customers’ loyalty by staying focused and respectful, from a user-centric and transparent perspective.

Commitment. Delivering the best digital and innovative tailor-made experiences.

Innovation. Shaping global markets’ future through meaningful data-driven insights.

Empowerment. Leaving the mark by tackling the diversity and inclusion social issues.

Thinking smart, playing fierce.

We are always on the hunt for diversity. We are driven by a growth mindset and the fierce spirit of youth. Nothing stops us from taking our ideas further, always with the aim of seeing the world from the perspective of AI. That’s why we are looking for someone that can inspire change and drive growth. We seek daring, tough people ready to go upstream: bold, dreamers, thinkers, but also visionaries, creators, or dynamics.

What we need.

Our ideal candidate will be:

  • Fluent in English
  • Driven by creative flair and passion for advertising
  • Proactive in keeping further his/her ideas and determined to grow, serving both the company and the team
  • Strongly keen on embedding brands’ identity and tone

What you will be doing.

  • Manage all brands’ social media channels (Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Track their performances through specific platforms
  • Plan content and delivery using tools to manage multiple social media channels
  • Work closely with our Product teams to find the right messaging
  • Develop social media strategies and set specific goals to increase awareness and engagement
  • Create FOMO around brands’ releases
  • Find out compelling offline and online campaign ideas
  • Drive awareness for the company, its stakeholders and targeted audiences
  • Run and manage campaigns focused on promoting the organization and its brand(s)
  • Write and come up with engaging posts, contents, and articles


  • You will get to work in one of the hottest and fastest-growing digital startups right now
  • Competitive salary
  • Professional development
  • Reward Gateway
  • Stock options plan available