Our company.

Kellify is the science-centric masters of human/image interaction, making what’s captivating stand out. With Kellify it’s easy to tune the human eye into the right image for e-commerce, dating apps, museums, and much more. Lifeblood for those who want to be the first to reach the brain and the heart of the Instagram generation: lifestylers, brand supporters, art enthusiasts, ...people. Headquartered in Genoa – Italy – our global mindset focus drives us to seamlessly grow, with offices in Seoul, Korea.

Our core values.

Integrity. Gaining customers’ loyalty by staying focused and respectful, from a user-centric and transparent perspective.

Commitment. Delivering the best digital and innovative tailor-made experiences.

Innovation. Shaping global markets’ future through meaningful data-driven insights.

Empowerment. Leaving the mark by tackling the diversity and inclusion social issues.

Thinking smart, playing fierce.

We are always on the hunt for diversity. We are driven by a growth mindset and the fierce spirit of youth. Nothing stops us from taking our ideas further, always with the aim of seeing the world from the perspective of AI. That’s why we are looking for someone that can inspire change and drive growth. We seek daring, tough people ready to go upstream: bold, dreamers, thinkers, but also visionaries, creators, or dynamics.

What we need.

Our ideal candidate will:

  • Have experience in boosting community management at an exponential organization(s)
  • Be extremely customer centric
  • Be comfortable with metrics and holding his/her own data to back up
  • Have a deep understanding of Asia Pacific environment

What you will be doing.

The ideal candidate will turn insight into action across our globally distributed environment. As part of the Growth Team in Seoul - which plays a fundamental role in both the day-to-day operations of our development, and business teams, but also influences the future of our growth in Korea – you will drive adoption and awareness of our product and the features within it in the Korean ecosystem.

You will work on spreading the right messaging in the right place, launching features to the world through digital and social media channels, driving awareness and usage using all the tools at your disposal. We’ll expect you to drive community development strategy across the digital and startup space in Seoul and have a huge impact on the Global and APAC product and brand partnerships.

The role will report to the APAC Regional Leader, although you’ll find yourself embedded within the Growth team day-to-day.

In this role you will:

  • Build brand alliances with a great network effect, with local and global resonance
  • Conduct research and analyses to support ongoing projects
  • Plan effective media schedules in time and accurately, taking into account relevant and local target audiences and their media consumption habits
  • Help the team identify new potential partnership and areas for research starting right from Korea
  • Execute time-sensitive projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Be a decision maker: possess complex decision-making skills rooted in analytics, user feedback, and business goals. Set clear goals, priorities, and manage stakeholder expectations


    • You will get to work in one of the hottest and fastest-growing digital startups right now
    • Competitive salary
    • Professional development
    • Reward Gateway
    • Stock options plan available